OM International Packer & Movers,provide Packing and moving services for all kinds of household and industrial goods.We do take utmost care while packing and moving your goods.High-Quality packing materials are used to ensure complete safety of the goods throughout the move.

While shifting the good from one place to other we take utmost care.we use paper packs,plastic packs, poly packs,wooden materials,Carbogated sheets,Thermocol,Bubble sheets etc to pack your movables.


As a global operator OM International Packers &Movers are able to take any products to any location in India.(Especially Maharashtra,Gujarat,Chhatisgarh)Whatever the load or whatever the need,Transport services has the vessels and expertise to deliver it safely.We are often seen as a packer and movers,but that just a part of the picture.Through our land based services we aim to simplify the delivery,dispatch and pickup with the help of own fleet like LP truck,LPT Container,TATA 407,Trailers,Trailers Low Bad,Trailers normal bad,Trailers semi low bad etc.


OM International Packer & Movers,offer solutions household and office relocations separately.With our reach in almost every part of the country,we have gained an expertise in providing the customer with the most speedy home or office relocation.Understanding the every single need of our valued customers,we plan every single move in the most thoughtful and planned manner.With the help of our latest technology instruments,we transport your goods without any loss or damage.


Our Warehouses areas are safely made for customers every need.Our Company very well understand the customers anxiety for safe storage of goods during transportation.We have spacious warehouses and storage at all our branches in different parts of the India ;therefore you can be relaxed because all your good are in safe hands during transit.


Understanding the values of each and every single possession of our customers,We strive hard to maintain their safety.We facilitate them with the value added services such as the insurance services.

This service offered by us insures all your personal goods in case of any accidental damage.we make it simpler by carrying out all the necessary and important paperwork and documentation for insurance.We help the customers in the valuation of their goods.


We are the masters in offering the local shifting services in a most swift and smooth way.Ranging from packing to finally arranging the goods at the desired destination,everything is carried out in the sytematic and organized way.We treat our customers good just like our own and thus put in our best effort to ensure its safety.


We pay the special attention during transportation of cars and vehicles of our customers to the desired destination.We understand that car is the most expensive possession for anyone and special care has to be given to it while shifting it to some other place.We take help of trailers and hydraulic lifter to load your car in the most safest and assured way.


To make the moving and packing experience stress free,time saving and rewarding ,door to door relocation services are the best solution.Whether local,domestic or international relocation,these services offer the client the convenience of delivery at the door step.These service providers perform the complete packing processes in-house,take care of the cargo aspect and finally unpack the utilities at the point of usage.

The entire moving ,packing and unpacking is done under the supervision of experts and they also bear the responsibility of complete transportation and rearrangement.The responsibility of custom clearance and other formalities also lies with the relocating company.In an international move,a door to door relocation option is the best.The means of transport,the legal formalities,inter country laws,cost cutting and negotiations etc are all handled by the relocation company.